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Below are what we offer to keep you and your loved ones connected

Transfer Fund

Transfer fund to love ones

Deposit Fund

Instant Deposit fund to your account

Data Topup

Start enjoying this very low rates Data plan for your internet browsing databundle

Airtime Topup

Making an online recharge has become very easy and safe

Airtime To Cash

Convert your over recharge airtime easily to cash here with less charges.

Cable Subscription

Instantly Activate your favourite Cable subscriptions with favourable service charge, and make cool profit.

Bill Payment

Easily generate electricity Token of all distribution across the nation in minutes.


Get in touch with your loved one's via SMS using our service, Send more, pay less and save more.

Exam Result Checker

Generate Result Checker Pins for instant use on Digipipa.

About Us

Digipipa is reliable and affordable platform to buy cheap data bundles and Airtime topup of any Nigerian network. We offer the best price rates for Airtel, MTN, 9mobile and Glo data plans. Are you a data reseller or you want to buy data for your personal use? Digipipa is your best plug for instant data delivery.

How It Works

Simple Usage Steps


Get Started by Registering an account

Fund Wallet

Fund your wallet using any of the payment gateway available

Buy Services

Voila you can now buy any services you wish for, then follow the steps althrough to buy again

Why Choose Us

Save money by renewing your DSTV, GOTV and Startimes subscriptions at discounted rates. You don't have to visit PHCN offices to pay for your Electricity bills as you can pay them online through Digipipa from the comfort of your home.

Our Pricing Plan

Our affordable and pocket size prices...

500MB ₦155
1GB ₦260
2GB ₦490
5GB ₦1180
10GB ₦2330
3GB ₦720
500MB ₦170
1GB ₦280
2GB ₦530
3GB ₦780
5GB ₦1280
10GB ₦2530
20GB ₦4730
40GB ₦9430
75GB ₦17655
4.5GB ₦1930
6GB ₦2430
10GB ₦2880
12GB ₦3390
40GB ₦9680
75GB ₦12580
120GB ₦19230
20GB ₦4830
15GB ₦3855
250MB ₦120
150MB ₦100
1GB ₦275
2GB ₦520
3GB ₦765
5GB ₦1255
6GB ₦1500
7GB ₦1745
10GB ₦2480
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500MB ₦470
1.5GB ₦900
2GB ₦1074
3GB ₦1380
4.5GB ₦1770
11GB ₦3510
15GB ₦4380
40GB ₦8730
75GB ₦13080
100MB ₦90
250MB ₦135
650MB ₦160
500MB ₦135
1.5GB ₦285
2GB ₦370
3GB ₦540
4.5GB ₦795
5GB ₦880
10GB ₦1730
11GB ₦1900
15GB ₦2580
20GB ₦3470
25GB ₦4280
30GB ₦5130
40GB ₦6830
50GB ₦8530
75GB ₦12780
100GB ₦17030
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2GB ₦1140
3GB ₦1410
4.5GB ₦1870
6GB ₦2330
10GB ₦2780
110GB ₦18430
20GB ₦4630
40GB ₦9230
75GB ₦13830
6GB ₦1460
120GB ₦19030
750MB ₦500
100MB ₦150
300MB ₦190
500MB ₦230
1GB ₦360
5GB ₦1680
2GB ₦690
350MB ₦330
10GB ₦3330
15GB ₦4455
20GB ₦5930
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1.8GB ₦495
3.9GB ₦955
7.5GB ₦1418
9.2GB ₦1880
10.8GB ₦2343
14GB ₦2805
18GB ₦3730
24GB ₦1655
29.5GB ₦7430
50GB ₦9280
93GB ₦13905
119GB ₦16680
138GB ₦18530
200MB ₦130
500MB ₦180
1GB ₦280
2GB ₦530
3GB ₦780
5GB ₦1280
10GB ₦2580
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Frequently Asked Question

Log in to your account If not click here to register After log in click fund my account Select Coupon payment ,NB:You can buy coupon code from our agents

MTN-> *131*4# 9mobile[Gifting]-> *228# Airtel-> *140# Glo-> *127*0#.

Yes it is just the number of the sim in the device that is requipurple for subscription

You can fund your wallet using any of our Four payment means: Bank payment. Online Payment with your ATM card details via Pay stack Payment Gateway. Payment with airtime. Payment with Coupon Code(s).

Yes you can rollover with any plan under monthly mustn’t be same amount of subscription you did before but it must be under monthly.

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